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Online Bingo 75 Ball Rules

For major online bingo excitement, there can be only one game that offers both speed and the opportunity for great jackpot prizes – the American style bingo 75 ball game. The bingo card is unique in its appearance, with the word B I N G O printed across the top of the 5 row, 5 column bingo tickets. So unique in fact that even the uninitiated will recognise the difference from the traditional UK 90 ball bingo ticket. Each letter on the Bingo 75 ball ticket has a random selection of numbers printed below it, so for example the letter ‘B’ has numbers 1 to 15, ‘I’ has numbers 16 to 30 and so on. There are 24 out of a possible (surprise, surprise) 75 numbers printed on the ticket, and each bingo 75 ball ticket will have 25 spaces with the one in the centre being a free one in addition to the other 24 random numbers.

For a really quick-fire 75 ball bingo game, then pattern bingo has to be the quickest. There are a huge range of patterns available, some will be easily recognised others are a little more tenuous – all however provide the 75 ball bingo players with a speedy game that is both fun and entertaining. Pattern names range from the straightforward and obvious such as ‘LINES’ where a player might win if they manage to match a diagonal or a vertical line, to rather more inventive patterns such a letters, shapes (you’ll find lots of heart pattern bingo games around valentine’s day) and other creating patterns such as Gala Bingos ‘face’ pattern shown below!

Typical Bingo 75 Ticket

Gala Bingo's 'Face Pattern'

A slightly longer version of the Bingo 75 ball game, but equally as fun is the standard game that offers the possibility of between one and five opportunities of a win. A win could be just as a straightforward coverall, meaning that the player would need to match all the numbers on his ticket with those that are called in the 75 ball bingo game. Some online bingo sites offer jackpots for a one line, two lines or a full house or for a much longer game a one line, two lines, three lines, four lines and full house. This particular form will most likely appeal to the player who likes the slightly longer UK 90 ball bingo game with more opportunities to win but most likely smaller jackpots for each possible bingo win.

The caller in the US Bingo 75 ball game calls the letter and the number - so for example B6 - this alerts the player to which column that they will find the number immediately. As in all bingo games a win is declared when the numbers are successfully matched before any other player, or sometimes at the same time as another player in a shared jackpot win. The 75 ball bingo game is gaining in popularity in the UK, the many online bingo sites no doubt assisting with making the game more accessible to the bingo players and in so doing showing that there are more variations of the game than just the traditional 90 ball game that previously players were familiar with.

Whichever bingo game players choose, whether it be the traditional UK version or the traditional 75 ball bingo game, all are simple to play and offer the player untold excitement and the opportunity to win cash or prizes when they win. The Bingo 75 ball game can now be found at many UK online bingo sites, and is now almost an established stable mate of the 90 ball bingo game.

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