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New Research Shows 90% of Bingo Players are Winners

Sunday, 14 November 2010 - 09:00 New Research Shows 90% of Bingo Players are Winners

A recent survey, which was published by whichbingo.co.uk, has revealed that nearly 90% of online bingo players have made a cash win.

The main aim of this research was to find out how much players had made while playing bingo online. As well as 90% of players saying they had won a cash prize, results also showed that 46% had won over £100.

Although bingo sites can offer cash rewards worth thousands of pounds, they often give away other prizes, such as holidays and concert tickets, but these were not counted as part of the survey’s results.

When it came to bigger jackpot amounts, the survey revealed that 17% of bingo players had won between £250 and £499, while another 17% had made wins over £500.

Bingo is now the fastest growing sector of online gaming and statistics like these are sure to boost its popularity even further. An article, which appeared on UK Net Guide at the end of October, claimed that the average age of bingo players had greatly reduced, now that the game has become widely available on the internet. It has been predominately young females that have been attracted to online bingo.

Although these figures highlight how bingo offers a good chance of winning when compared to other online games, players are reminded that the odds of winning big are still slim and bingo shouldn’t be seen as an easy way of making money.

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