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Al Fresco Bingo in Ireland

Sunday, 14 November 2010 - 20:12

After the smoking ban was introduced in Ireland back in 2004, many bingo fans have missed having the freedom to puff away in bingo halls. But in Co. Meath, one man has come up with a novel way of offering bingo games while still allowing his customers to enjoy a cigarette.

Ireland’s very first drive-in bingo ‘hall’, which has been set up in a car park, has already attracted plenty of customers for its ease of access and lack of anti-smoking rules. Bingo fans just drive up, park their cars and buy their tickets.

The man behind it all, Seamus Davis, said: “It’s a great laugh and the reaction has been so positive. It works as an idea because you can relax in your own car with your friends, smoke if you want to, and not worry about parking. We think it will catch on and with any luck make an appearance throughout Ireland.”

It is welcoming to hear that Davis’ outdoor bingo has been so successful, but whether it will become a nationwide craze, only time will tell. It would be fair to say that, for Ireland and the UK at least, this probably won’t be a popular activity for the winter months.

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